Dr. Charles T Ledder, M.D.

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7600 France Ave S.
Suite 4100
Edina, Minnesota 55435     
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Phone:(952) 831-1551
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Dr. Charles Ledder has lived in the Edina community all of his life. He went to school in the Edina school district from kindergarten to high school and then continued his education at the University of Minnesota. There he completed his undergraduate degree, attended medical school, and completed his residency. Because of his background, Dr. Ledder feels as if he has a strong understanding of the community's values and incorporates these into his practice.

Dr. Ledder has been practicing medicine for the last twenty years. He chose the health field because of its ability to help people with their physical and mental health. He derives great satisfaction from helping our patients to improve their lives. Furthermore, medicine is constantly changing making it both interesting and intellectually stimulating. Family practice was an obvious career choice because of its variety and complexity.

In order for treatment to be effective, patients and providers must have a partnership role; they have to work together and communicate to provide the best care. Treatment cannot be one sided. Dr. Ledder also enjoys patients who are punctual. This allows him to be on time for other patients who also have time commitments.

Dr. Ledder has great respect for our patients and their families. His focus is on providing patients with high quality care by embracing the latest medical technology and knowledge. He values being the preferred family practice clinic for patients in the Edina and surrounding communities.

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